A great place to find unique things.

Tivoli is such a wonderful word. It tends to conjure romantic excursions to Italy, fun and exciting days at the amusement park in Denmark, and our favorite...spelled backwards Tivoli is "i lov iT". For us Tivoli is playful, exciting, romantic. It's a journey among bespoke furniture and home decor that spans continents and the ages. We hope that when you visit, you will at some point say "I love it"!

 Our vintage smalls are stylish, sculptural, interesting and will accent bookshelves and table tops alike. They don’t belong in a curio cabinet. They belong mixed in with the new finds because we believe that old things have stories to tell and give any space a sense of history, depth and drama. Our vintage furniture will similarly complement any room - beautifully careworn chairs and side tables will

provide the warmth and foundation while the new pieces give a nod to the solid lines and design of the past, bringing everything current and clean. Tivoli’s highly curated style blends old and new to give any space personality and a stage for comfortable living. The style will range from earthy to glam; classic to eclectic; mid-century to modern; beautiful, quality, and timeless.